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I am working on a new project.

It’s different than anything I have ever done. I am co-writing a book with a therapist. Yes, that’s right. We both have a heart for women to receive healing in wholeness in all areas of their lives. That said, many of us as women carry around with us a bruise or wound from our little girl days that has unknowingly shaped us as we grew up. Those hurts are complex and they are not to be blamed on anyone. But those hurts are real. Jesus cares about real hurts and he cares enough to hold out healing to us…

Together we will tell our stories of mother wounds in the hope that other women will face the complexities of their own mother-daughter relationships. My mother was distant and acted uninterested  when I was young. I was left alone much of the time. I had no idea how this affected me. Her aloof nature built the fear of abandonment, rejection and a deep shame that something was wrong with me. It has taken years to be able to see and face the reality on this.

That said, I loved my mom, dearly. Crazy, I know. But she wasn’t a bad person, she just didn’t want another child late in life. She wasn’t prepared, she wasn’t excited, she wasn’t ever going to let me in.

You can imagine how this plays out in the psyche of a child turned woman. Thanks be to God, for the healing power and presence of Jesus is real, very real.

He asked the blind men, ” What is it you want?” Couldn’t he tell? Didn’t he know they wanted to see? He knew and he was calling out their heart, asking them to ASK him for what they wanted. Have you ever thought of what you want? Have you asked God? He knows you enough to see the need, but what if, you just found a quiet place and asked, really asked him, for what your heart wants….I believe he would meet you there and answer in his way and time.

Back to writing….do you have a story of a complicated mother-daughter relationship? Do you ever wonder if there is something wrong with you because you don’t have the relationship you wished you had with your mother? No mother bashing here. Mothers are imperfect just as we all are. But if you have a story or anything you would like to add to the discussion, I’d love to hear from you.

Well, my coffee is getting cold and my writing time is ticking by…back to work.

with love,


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Debbie Alsdorf is a regular woman just like anyone reading this blog. Her heart is to equip, strengthen and encourage other women. As a result, along the way she began speaking and writing books and materials to help women grow spiritually. And, just like the women who follow her, she has good days, bad days, and worn out faith days...add in-laws, out-laws and ex-laws and you have the ingredients for challenges and a real need to learn how to trust God with everything within her. She is a wife, mom, step-mom, mother in law and Grammie... who finally at 59 years old began the journey of taking care of her health as a breast cancer diagnosis became a wake up call for living a richer, fuller life.
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    I have been in therapy for a year working on untangling my own mother wounds. I have realized she has her own wounds however; this does not ease the pain when I see her so active in my brother’s life and not mine. I have finally decided to take a break from communication but, the pain is so deep I’m NOT sure what to do with it most days.

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