Little Reminders of Truth

Easter has come and gone. My house still has the decorations up and I will get to putting away eggs, bunnies and crosses. But for now, I am reminded of new beginnings. Jesus came to give us life, real life, abundant life, full life. That is what the cross was about. He took our place. He paid the debt. He went before us so that we could live through his resurrection power! Wow!

“to this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.” Colossians 1:29

But life goes on and I forget.

Spring will turn to summer, and I just might forget.

Do you ever forget?

In my office I have a few things to remind me of truth. They are items that are meaningful to me . Some might wonder why I have certain things and little props in my sitting area. The things I display are visual reminders so I can live in a ” forget not” place about the things God has taught me along the way.

A framed puzzle: To remind me of the promise in Romans 8:28 ” All things work together for the good” The completed and framed puzzle reminds me that though I only see the heap of pieces of my life’s puzzle, God sees the finished picture. My life is a journey with the Father a sacred journey in which he carefully is completing the picture, piece by piece.puzzle_pieces2

A little metal pitcher: This empty pitcher little metal pitcherreminds me that I need to remain an empty vessel through which God can pour his life through. Every day his desire is to live his life and love through me. I must remain empty of me to be filled with him.

A small wrapped gift: This reminds me that each day is a gift and that I need to present myself fully to the wonder of the day and the opening of God’s gifts. I also am reminded to be grateful, living with eyes wide opened to God in my midst in all the ordinary things in life. He has called us to be his everyday vessels!


What do you need to remember today? What can you place out in your house, at your desk or near your vanity mirror that will remind you of a truth fresh to you?

I am praying that today you will remember and that I will too!

Reminder: You don’t have to understand the pieces of your life’s puzzle. They make sense to God. Turn your focus on the finished picture that He is working in and through you….even now.

with joy,




About the Author
Debbie Alsdorf is a regular woman just like anyone reading this blog. Her heart is to equip, strengthen and encourage other women. As a result, along the way she began speaking and writing books and materials to help women grow spiritually. And, just like the women who follow her, she has good days, bad days, and worn out faith days...add in-laws, out-laws and ex-laws and you have the ingredients for challenges and a real need to learn how to trust God with everything within her. She is a wife, mom, step-mom, mother in law and Grammie... who finally at 59 years old began the journey of taking care of her health as a breast cancer diagnosis became a wake up call for living a richer, fuller life.
  1. Robin Waldron Reply

    Thank you for sharing your heart and words of wisdom. One reminder I have is a necklace with a sparkly cross on it that my son gave me last year for my birthday. My birthday always falls right around the time of the women’s retreat at First Covenant Church of Sacramento and last year you were our speaker. When I returned home from that weekend, I received the necklace from my son and exclaimed “Oh, it’s so sparkly!” Instantly my eyes welled up because one of the phrases you shared (from the story of the woman at your church who had cancer) was, “Don’t miss the sparkle!” For a long time I wore that necklace every day and when I don’t wear it, it stays out where I can see it. Even though it is now missing one of it’s little sparkly gems, I still put it on because it reminds me in the midst of difficulty to not miss the beautiful things all around me that God has blessed me with.

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